Complete Pangya Setup Guide v1.2

Complete Pangya Setup Guide v1.2

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Complete Pangya Setup Guide [v1.2] by terrorofdeath This guide is meant to grant people a step-by-step walk-through of setting up and playing their own Personal Server of Pangya 4.9. As such, this covers the basics in setting up the server, adjusting it for LAN play, and some of the more common things people do first in their personal server. It does not cover more complex topics such as adding items not currently a part of the server/client, website registration design, etc. This guide was written when I was using a Windows XP SP3 desktop. Vista and Windows 7 users may have a bit of trouble when this guide references system locations such as “Administrative Tools” under Control Panel, but it's nothing a quick internet search can't help you figure out. ~terrorofdeath Recent Changes [v1.2]: –

The addition of the Additional Topics of Interest section.

Minor edits and corrections. More screenshots! xD

Topics of Discussion: I. Getting What's Needed II. The Database 2a. The SQL Server 2b. Installing the Pangya Database Files III. ODBC IV. The Pangya Server V. The Client 5a. Preparing the Client 5b. Creating an Account 5c. Starting up and Logging in! VI. Setting up for LAN Play 6a. Obtaining a Static LAN IP 6b. Adjusting Pangya Server Files and Hexing the Client VII. Stuff you Likely Want to Do First 7a. Adding Pang and Points/Cookies 7b. Adjusting Player Rank 7c. Give an Account a Single Item 7d. Give an Account “Everything” VIII. Additional Topics of Interest 8a. Accessing the Database on Another Computer 8b. Setting up for LAN Play IX. Credits X. Legal, Disclaimer, etc.

I. Getting What's Needed: –

A SQL Server and SQL Management Program

– This guide will be using SQL Server 2008 which is free from Microsoft found here: –

Download the “Database with Management Tools”option.

– SQL 2005 Alternative: –

You will want both the “Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition” and “SQL Server Management Studio Express” downloads.

The Pangya 4.9 Server, Database, and Client Files

– Can be found at this Ragezone Forum Release by mrNickname. –

Files: –

Py S4.9 Server + Database Repack v.2-R1 (PyServer Repack.v2.rar)

Custom TH Pangya S4.9 English UI Edition - 582.05-R1 (PyClient_582.05-R1EN.rar)

My old Kooh on the NA Pangya. I miss my specs...

II. The Database: 2a. The SQL Server First, we need to prepare a server instance to place the database files into. If you're using the SQL Server 2008 I referenced earlier, run the SQLEXPRWT... program. If you're using another version, run the executable which sets up the server. (Note: The steps will be for SQL 2008; other versions may be slightly different.)

Installer Steps: –

Choose the “New Installation...” option and wait for a window to appear.

Mark that you “accept the license terms” and click “Next >”

Allow the installer time to prepare files for installation.

The installer will make sure your system can host the SQL server.

If everything checks out green, click “Next >”. –

If not, make an attempt to resolve the issues and try again.

– If you, like me, need PowerShell, you can download it here.

All features will be set to install. You may change the installation directory to what you wish. Click “Next >”.

Use the “Default instance” and click “Next >”. –

You can use a named instance if you wish, but this guide will proceed with a default instance.

Click “Next >” until you arrive at the “Database Engine Configuration” and “Authentication Mode” screen. C