Flight Factor A350 manual

Flight Factor A350 manual

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v1.0 dec2014

A350-900 Flight Deck and Systems Briefing for Simmers Make sure you read though this brochure before starting to use the model. The brochure contains all the information you need to effectively fly the plane and fully enjoy this simulation. Model Copyright © 2014 FlightFactor™ qpac All Rights Reserved December1, 2014 Revision Date December 1, 2014 applicable for version v1.00 THE COPYRIGHT COVERS THE MODEL AND ITS CONTENTS ONLY. THE DOCUMENTATION USES OPEN SOURCE MATERIALS AND IS NOT COPYWRITED

Model Set-up

Model Set-up Introduction

system will be updated soon).

Welcome to FlightFactor.aero ™ Airbus a350 Advanced. Our team is glad to present this first in our new line of products which should suit the beginner simmer as well as an experienced one. This is brochure to help you use the model.

The model also includes a funny functional interactive airbus style checklist which will monitor your every move and provide helpful guidance as to what to do at all stages of the flight. The model also includes a very detailed 3D model both exterior and interior of the aircraft, a stunning detailed cockpit and many effect which are the hallmark of FlightFactor models.

This model is produced by FlightFactor.aero ™ in cooperation with QualityPart AviationCenter (qpac). To provide you a most realistic easy to use flight experience. This model provides a very realistic simulation of most of the aircraft systems, especially with respect to Fly-bywire and autopilot functionality. But also most of the aircraft system, such as electrics, hydraulics, fuel are simulated; this includes a complete sensor model for the aircraft state measurement of speed, attitude, altitude, etc. The model includes a real in-depth ECAM system with messaging and procedures, 18 screens to monitor the flight parameters and systems’ operation. OIS will give you excess to options screens, wright and fuel setup, cabin announcements and much more. Most of the screens are available for pop-up. The a350 joystick on-screen touch system is implemented fully on this model as well. Two function MCDUs are present in the cockpit, an old style fully functional MCDU which provides control of the FGMS and a graphical type MFD which gives excess to standby systems, surveillance and most FMS functions (this

Model Set-up Model Classification FlightFactor currently classifies its model lines in three categories. Ultra, Professional and Advanced. Ultra These are models for professional training where each aircraft system has been modeled from inner circuitry upwards. These models simulate not only the way the aircraft’s systems work, but the interworking of the systems themselves, down to electronic response times and communication between different pieces of software in the plane. Currently we do not offer any such simulations to the wide X-Plane community.

Professional This is a line of products which is most popular on the X-Plane market. These models offer the user the opportunity to learn about the real aircraft systems and experience the full range of interaction with the plane, including hundreds of failures, emergency procedures and full navigation using a fully functional FMS system with a custom database including SIDs/STARs and full complexity of model navigation. These models require patience and knowledge from the users. Currently we offer the officially licensed Boeing 757 and Boeing 777 series available on x-plane.org Advanced This is a new line of product which we offer XPlane users gives you the opportunity to experience the full range of capabilities of the real plane without the need to invest too much time into learning the systems.

The idea behind the advance models is to give inexperience users the opportunity to fly a complex plane right away. Basically the advanced models are the same as Professional, but with emergency procedures, failures and some interworking of the systems removed. Also, the navigation system on the a