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GSM Roadmap Q4 2018


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Product overview Release and support plans Release content information

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Product Overview


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GSM – leads today, and will continue to play a vital role in the coming years

GSM umbrella coverage



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GSM is an integral part of operator’s Single RAN business

Umbrella Coverage and Fallback for HSPA and LTE

Widest coverage, roaming revenues

Coexist with HSPA & LTE for over a decade

Voice Engine most efficient technology for voice

Refarming GSM spectrum for WCDMA/ LTE

>50% voice traffic carried by GSM

234 LTE 1800 111 U900, 17 LTE 900 commercial networks launched

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GSM overview Themes

Leading customer experience Reduced Latency and best QoS

Optimized Radio Performance

Spectral Efficiency and Refarming

Optimized and efficient spectrum usage for GSM in RF Sharing / Refarming scenarios. GSM solutions are now designed to work in narrowband spectrum to allow efficient evolution and co-existence with LTE / WCDMA.

Interworking and Operability

Seamless service continuity for end users in multi technology environment. OSS for Single RAN enables efficient OSS operations in harmonized environment.

IP Transport

Packet Abis over TDM and Ethernet provides low cost solutions for transport modernization. Evolution towards common IP transport for SRAN.

IoT and M2M

IoT Connectivity Solutions suite: Network readiness for providing extended coverage, power saving solutions and increased capacity for sensor based devices

Single RAN Evolution

Migration towards lean GSM site solution for Single RAN support

Spectrally efficient solutions

Extreme Operational Efficiency Simple, secure and automated

Network readiness for IoT Future ready IoT connectivity solutions

Sustainable site solutions Future ready, easy to evolve site solutions


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GSM Product Value Highlights GSM 18 • Lean GSM Solution • IoT/M2M evolution: support for Capacity enhancement, battery saving & congestion control

GSM Releases

GSM 19 • QoS enhancement for voice

• Inter RAT interworking enhancement

• Dual stack (IPv4 & IPv6) Support for mcBSC

• IoT/M2M enhancements

• Network Resiliency enhancements for mcBSC at network level

• Security enhancements

• Energy saving enhancements for BCCH TRX

• Greater operational flexibility with Enhanced Multipoint Gb connectivity

• Dynamic spectrum sharing support for SRAN

GSM 20 & future releases

• Operability enhancements

• BSC Evolution to Cloud with introduction of AirScale BSC

• QoS enhancement for data & voice • Security enhancements • Operability enhancements • AirScale BSC capacity and efficiency enhancements according Nokia AirFrame server evolution • Network level resiliency with AirScale BSC geo-resiliency

The listed values are for dialogue purposes only, commitment can be made only for releases that have approved C3 milestone. 6

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Spectral Efficiency and Refarming Nokia Liquid Radio GSM Soft