SAP PM Transaction Codes List (Plant Maintenance)

SAP PM Transaction Codes List (Plant Maintenance)

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SAP PM Transaction Codes List (Plant Maintenance)

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SAP PM Transaction Codes ( Plant Maintenance ) Also see SAP PM tables

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General tcodes OINM Object Link Medium OIBS Maintain Status Profiles IBIP PM: Batch Input Utility OIET Equipment Categories INOT Create SM/PM Notification IDoc OIS2 Maintain serial number profile IW37N Change Orders and Operations IW40 Display Orders (Multi-Level) OIOA Maintenance Order Types IW49N Display Orders and Operations OIAL Field Selection for PM Notifications OIOPD Field Selec. for Order Opertn Detail OIAF Field sel. equipment/functional loc. IW30 Notification List (Multi-Level) OIOE Operation No. - AutoIncrement ...... ................ More SAP PM - General Transaction Codes

Technical Objects tcodes IE02 Change Equipment IE03 Display Equipment IE01 Create Equipment IQ03 Display Material Serial Number IQ01 Create Material Serial Number OIEG Editing Types IFCU Consumption Transaction IQ09 Display Material Serial Number IQ02 Change Material Serial Number IH01 Functional Location Structure IH08 Display Equipment IL02 Change Functional Location IN01 Create object link IE4N Equipment Installation and Dismant. IK11 Create Measurement Document ...... ................ More SAP PM - Technical Objects Transaction Codes

Information System tcodes MCI8 MCI7 MCJB MCIS MCI5 MCI3 MCJC MCIZ MCIA MCI4 MCI1

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PMIS: Cost Evaluation PMIS: Breakdown Analysis MTTR/MTBR for Equipment Call Up PM Standard Analyses PMIS: Object Damage Analysis PMIS: Location Analysis FunctLoc: Mean Time Between Repair PMIS: Vehicle Consumption Analysis PMIS: Customer Notification Analysis PMIS: Planner Group Analysis PMIS: Object Class Analysis

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SAP Transaction Codes by Module AC - Accounting General AP - Application Platform BASIS - System Administration BW - Business Warehouse CO - Controlling CA - Cross Application Basis Components CS - Customer Service EC - Enterprise Controlling EP - Enterprise Portal EHS - Environment, Health and Safety FI - Financial Accounting FS - Financial Services FIN - Financials GRC - Governance, Risk and Compliance ICM - Incentive and Commission Management IS - Industry Solutions IM - Investment Management KM - Knowledge Management LO - Logistics General LE - Logistics Execution MDM - Master Data Management MM - Materials Management WP - Workplace Payroll - PY HR - Personnel Management PT - Personnel Time Management PM - Plant Maintenance PLM - Product Lifecycle Management PP - Production Planning and Control PS - Project Systems PSM - Public Sector Management QM - Quality Management RE - Real Estate Management SD - Sales and Distribution SV - Service SCM - Supply Chain Management PE - Training and Even Management TR - Treasury

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SAP PM Transaction Codes List (Plant Maintenance)

MCI2 PMIS: Manufacturer Analysis MCI6 PMIS: Obj.Statistic.Analysis MCI0 Plant Maintenance Information System MCJ4 PMIS: Execute Evaluation ...... ................ More SAP PM - Information System Transaction Codes

Preventive Maintenance tcodes IP10 Schedule Maintenance Plan IP30 MaintSchedule Date Monitoring IA05 Create general task list IP02 Change Maintenance Plan IP24 Scheduling overview list form IP01 Create Maintenance Plan IP19 Maintenance scheduling o